Know your current position. Where are you now? What’s working; what’s not working so well and what things need to improve within your business.

Understand who you are. To be authentic in your messaging you first must understand your ‘why’ and raison d’etre. A company mission and values set will crystallise your focus.

Know where you want to be and how you will bridge the gap. A goal without a set of achievable objectives is merely a wish. If you do not set clear objectives then how will you even know when you have got there?

Insight – what is happening around you and what market forces outside of your control do you expect to impact on your business in the next 6, 12 and 18 months. What are the risks and opportunities?

Differentiate. What makes your company special and sets you apart from your competition? Defining a clear value proposition will help you avoid wasting time and effort selling to disinterested parties.

Segment your customer base. Divide your customers into groups that are similar in ways relevant to marketing messaging. Common in B2B marketing is firmographics to capture industry characteristics. It is vital to know who your customers are, who you want them to be and also who you don’t want
them to be.

Be on-message. Crafting marketing content that resonates with your customers will increase the effectiveness of your communications.

Be in front of your customers. Know where your customers are, how they find information and make sure you are visible on that platform. It’s all very well storming it on twitter but a waste of your marketing efforts if your customers don’t engage with that media.

Have a calendar of activity to ensure you have a vehicle to drive out
your marketing.

10 Have metrics and measures in place for budget control and clear return on any investment.

Marketing planning is a continual process and preparing well ahead will give you the edge in your market.

Our nxoBizsource programme can support you in this planning process to strengthen your marketing function without the need to recruit a marketing manager. We will collaboratively work together with you to create a strategy and share our knowledge and experience to give a measurable return on your marketing investment. Contact us to find out more.

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