Healthy Leaders lead the way

Following an invitation from NatWest Bank, a roundtable event took place at their Wigan Commercial Office on 6th July.  20 business leaders attended the event to hear Philip Dyer, founder and director of Healthy Leaders Ltd, talk about the importance of the health and wellbeing of an owner manager and the impact it has on the culture of an organisation.

The concept behind Healthy Leaders is to inspire entrepreneurs and organisational leaders to take control of their health and wellbeing to promote improved personal and team performance. Healthy Leaders provides practical know- how and guidance to demystify mental and physical wellbeing, resulting in increased levels of confidence, self-awareness and enhanced performance.

Philip emphasised that physical and mental wellbeing go hand in glove; and how the behaviour of business leaders influences employees, having a ripple effect throughout the organisation. Leaders set an example to their employees and hence, they must illustrate an image their personnel can aspire to.

Changing negative habits and behaviours will have a positive impact on leaders as well on their organisation resulting in improved employee satisfaction; greater focus and commitment from the team; increased bottom line performance without increased overheads; all new ways to build the business and add value.

The response of the audience after the roundtable event has been extremely positive, reflected in the comments received:

  • ‘Fantastic, it’s just what we needed to hear’
  • ‘It Helped me to reflect on mine and my senior manager’s performance’
  • ‘A fresh view point on how to inspire people in the business’,
  • ‘Food for thought’
  • ‘A clear reminder of how good principles in life can positively affect business’

Suzanne Unsworth, Senior Relationship Manager at NatWest Bank said ‘As a bank we are always looking at different ways to give value to our customers and helping them grow their business, our regular Seminars are one way we do this. We were delighted Philip could present to our customers and the feedback we received was excellent”.

Philip commented:

“I am delighted to have been invited along by NatWest. The events they host for their customers are always well organised. It was a pleasure to share an overview of Healthy Leaders with such a receptive audience that took the principles of healthy leadership to heart”.

To find out more about Healthy Leaders and how you can improve the performance of your business through being a healthy leader contact us today.

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