Does your business have a marketing strategy for 2018?

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

As the saying goes; fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Preparedness through strategic planning is critical if a business is serious about growth. The financial waste associated with a scattergun approach towards your marketing could be remedied by setting clear goals and objectives and devising a marketing strategy that brings structure and a measurable return on your marketing investment. The money wasted on sporadic marketing could be put to such good use by understanding the most effective marketing activity to invest it in.

Structuring a marketing plan will help you see how realistic and achievable your wishes are; after all, goals without any kind of a plan to show how you will get there will remain exactly that – wishes.

A business, whatever the size doesn’t need to employ a marketing specialist to achieve marketing success, of course. A credible marketing consultant will mentor, advise and upskill so an organisation is able to manage much of the activity in-house if the capacity to do so is there. Marketing of any kind is not a black art as some would have us believe, and once it is de-mystified you are able to understand the options available and make the right decisions for your business.

Working with a qualified expert will ensure that the way you articulate your brand and talk to your customers is consistently professional, effective and relevant; and also that you are actually reaching your intended audience and not wasting time and effort marketing to disinterested third parties. Customers have so much information to cut through these days, so making their buying decision as effortless as possible will ensure your products and services are chosen above the competition because what you are offering is the only real solution to their wants and needs. Unless your customer communications are cutting the mustard, you will lose out every time.

Invest time and resource today in planning for tomorrow, giving you and your team the direction, drive and impetus to allow your business to perform to its full potential.

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