Case Studies


“nxo over a 2 year period helped increase our turnover by over 100%, a growth record that puts the company in the top 6% of companies in the UK market.”

Janet BowdenMD – Woodbank Office Solutions


At nxo we work with owner manager businesses that have an appetite for growth.  We use our 26 years of experience to guide, mentor and facilitate strategic and sustainable growth whatever the sector. Woodbank Office Solutions is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of digital, multi-functional photocopiers and network printers. Based in Cheshire, their client base spans the whole of the UK, as well as key locations throughout the North West.

The key focus for change was to understand what Woodbank as a company represented; there are lots of competitors in this sector and we needed to understand what made Woodbank different from the other key players in the marketplace. nxo’s intervention helped quickly identity the techniques to evolve


Over a period of several months working together with nxo, the team distilled several sources of information to come to the ‘Woodbank Way’. This resulted in a complete repositioning of the company from how it looked to the way it talked about itself.

The Woodbank Way engendered confidence top down and bottom up. ‘How we do what we do and why we do it’ became the mantra for the whole team. Their aim was, and remains, continued growth through the quality of service.


Through sharing our knowledge and experience nxo acted as an enabler for growth. The results speak for themselves. Continuous improvement is at the heart of the ‘Woodbank Way’. Over the past two years, Woodbank has grown by over 100%, a growth record that puts the company in the top 6% of companies in the UK market.

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