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“Having worked with nxo for 4 years we have seen a huge step change in our business thanks to the persistence of Philip in guiding us in the transition from working ‘in’ to working ‘on’ our business. He always challenges our goals as being too conservative, stretching us beyond our own vision of what can be achieved. Thanks Philip for helping us through exciting times and all its associated challenges!”

Caleb SimpsonManaging Director, Simpsons Beverages

Future Focus

Simpsons Beverages is a well-established family business, with a deep history extending over 80 years. Five years ago, the family decided to embark on a journey of change which was to propel them from a classic “work in the business” approach to their current position of “working on the business”! Whilst easy to say, the process of change is never smooth and demands commitment and focus combined with a steadfast belief that change (behaviour) and exponential gains can be achieved in a consistent fashion.

Opportunity for change

nxo challenge the way you think about your business by understanding the prevailing customs and practices within your business, then sharing our knowledge and experience to create real change and lasting impact by shaping those prevalent habits for the better.

Simpsons flourished due to hard physical work and a relentless commitment to the production of a quality product and service. All of the required components of a growth company, with a single exception – the absence of a sustainable management structure which limited the pace and scale of growth. This was compounded by a lack of investment in people and infrastructure.

The critical shift in behaviour was one of belief; belief that the company could exceed 20% growth per annum. Paradoxically this was hampered by the company’s amazing history (having been around for so long can also work against you) – the key was to look forward and realise the latent potential of the business, whilst at the same time acknowledging the value of such a deep legacy.

Impact for growth

The nxo process focused on the existing capabilities of the team and on the future potential. This unlocked the creativity and innovation of the company and revealed specific barriers to growth in the form of team members that did not reflect the company values; the requirement for investment into the working environment and finally and critically investment into the development of the organisational culture itself – to quote the business guru Drucker: culture eats strategy for breakfast!

The rhythm of the business is unrecognisable from where it was 5 years; Simpsons Beverages has built on its core values of quality and service and built the required habits of a company committed to continuous improvement. Embracing the formation and development of a mid-tier leadership and management structure that can operate autonomously; digital technology, sophisticated marketing practise more akin to companies many times its size. Above all; a focus on people before process – the cornerstone of success. Simpsons continue to set and break new records in performance, productivity and profitability; but above all it now has a culture of people focused growth.

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