Case Study

IMS Euro Ltd

“nxo showed an exceptional understanding and sensitivity of the challenges facing our family business. There has been significant improvements in our team performance which reflect strongly in our figures. The growth rate puts us in the top 1% of growth companies in the UK.”

Durgham ShamotIMS Euro Ltd


IMS Euro Ltd are a successful family run business based in Stockport, Cheshire.

At nxo we challenge the way you think about your business by sharing our knowledge and experience to create real change and lasting impact. The primary challenge here was how to tackle the prevailing culture of this highly driven family business in order to assist the smoother development of the company.

Our focus was on shifting the culture of the management to become more team oriented – culture change. They all had great things that they wanted to do with the company, but approached their ideas in a “none collaborative way”.

This approach resulted in conflict and friction; adding unnecessary pressure to a growing company and missing on the potential synergies that exist within a family business. This in turn caused fragmentation and pressure within the general workforce.


By understanding the personal drivers and ambitions of the family members and conveying them to each other in a consistent and respectful way the management team reduced internal tension and utilised their passion in a more business focused and productive way.

A more harmonious working environment is in play as a result of regular structured communication sessions between the board (family) and the workforce. They are kept aware of developments and changes within the business and have a platform from which to communicate what is working well and what needs to change. The board in turn, respond to the needs and wants of the team in an organised and focused manner, enabling a more positive and responsive environment geared to growth.


The company is growing at a sustainable rate, which although fast, can be managed. The rate of growth puts IMS in the top 1% of growth companies in the UK market (over 4.3 million businesses).

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