Cheryl Jones – Marketing Director

Cheryl is a CIM qualified marketing specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the field. Varied marketing roles in the corporate wholesale and retail sector for 15 years has resulted in her being extremely customer focused both to the end consumer and in the B2B arena. Working with major brands such as P&G, Reckitt Benckiser and Coca Cola to drive instore sales, Cheryl is experienced in delivering national integrated marketing campaigns that engage and inspire action.

Cheryl joined nxo in 2012; now a director of the marketing and branding consultancy arm of the organisation, she works with owner managers of small businesses, advising on their branding and customer marketing at a strategic level. She also develops internal communication strategies, working to unite employees through the formation of a company mission, values set and customer value propositions.

Cheryl says “Strategic focus and branding is not just for the big players. If the ambition is there, the rest will follow if the right guidance and framework is offered to structure a way forward.

Often our clients know what they want to achieve, they just don’t know where to start. There is such a lot of content and advice available these days for businesses, more often than not for free, and you must cut through that to find the authenticity. I genuinely care that business owners invest their time and resource into qualified, credible channels that deliver what they promise. There are efficient, effective, proven methodologies to achieve your goals.

It is a challenge of course for small businesses to employee all the necessary business functions. We provide them with the access to professional marketers who will structure their marketing at a strategic level without having to employ the skill in-house. It’s very rewarding to see our clients companies go on to be more successful, build a collaborative workplace and connect through a meaningful brand.

I believe that marketing touches every aspect of the organisation because it is focused on the customer and everything we do – whether its process or product driven – should be developed with them in mind, not what is most convenient for the organisation. Brands are guilty of losing sight of their customers on a far too regular basis.

Whether your company is launching a new initiative, looking for growth or wants to stay relevant in their evolving industry, I can help by defining your brand identity to create engagement with your employees and customers.”

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