20 million UK workers are not actively engaged

Preston based business consultancy nxo hosted an exclusive event attended by over 40 local businesses. The topic of the event, Practical Engagement for Profit, was delivered by Professor John Oliver OBE, former Chief Executive of Leyland Trucks who shared with the audience his wealth of experience in culture change and the impact of employee engagement on the bottom line.

A startling fact presented was that only 29% of the UK’s workforce is engaged, putting us ninth in the world’s leading economies. This means that 20 million UK workers are not actively engaged with their employers.

Philip Dyer, Chairman of nxo said “There is little doubt there is a strong correlation between productivity and a healthy workplace culture. Changing the management and leadership to one which supports team working and motivation could lead to an effective GDP improvement of £26bn per annum.

The key success factors are the business metrics: culture, customers, cash flow and profit; this is not an exercise in social engineering.”

Participants were encouraged to introduce basic building blocks into their organisations for workforce engagement; communication, recognition, management style, behaviours and continuous improvement.

The event has proved valuable to the businesses attending, one participant stating “I found John to be a very inspirational speaker and thoroughly enjoyed the event. The self-reflection and peer reviews are just two points of action that will be immediately introduced to my business.”

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